About me

Please, call me Jack.


In 2016 after a decade in general injury law, I founded the De La Piedra Law Firm, P.A., in order to focus exclusively on the representation of loved ones who have suffered serious injuries or death in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

My firm is built on the notion that change is stability. I’m a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, WY. The Trial Lawyers College hosts an invitation-only, 138-hour course focused on every aspect of trial advocacy from jury selection to closing argument according to the unique approach of its founder, Gerry Spence, who is widely considered America’s winningest trial attorney. My experience at the Trial Lawyers College resulted in dramatic changes in my approach to trial advocacy—changes that translate to unique advantages for my clients.

I take pride in the fact that my firm is paperless and extremely organized, which means that there is a special place for every piece of case information and it's stored electronically in an encrypted, cloud-based environment. This level of efficiency means that my team and I can access the entire law practice from a cell phone, if need be. This is just one way my firm stays ahead of the curve.

I accept cases throughout Florida—and no case is too large or too small. While I hope you never have to contact me due to a loved one's abuse or neglect, I am eager to protect your right to justice. 


Jack De La Piedra
Nursing Home Abuse Attorney